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Cloud has masterfully painted a simple story atop a complex canvas. From our modern perspective, we can't but help notice the subtle details. Easily Cloud's best work to date.

Jeff Graubart, writer/author

Cloud tells a compelling coming-of-age story that also offers a historic look at WWII issues and events.
Jo Ellis, writer/author
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Adelita’s Secret

Lost in a superficial world of materialism and social status—and ashamed of her Latino heritage—17-year-old Adelita Noé is loved by two young men, two men separated by a hundred years and vastly different stations in life. One man owns little more than the shirt on his back. The other, a poet at heart, is heir to a vast fortune.

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Voices of the Locusts

From his deathbed, 81-year-old Jack O’Brien reveals to his grandson the existence of a long-forgotten story he wrote as a teenager years earlier while living in Japan. The 16-year-old grandson finds the story in an old footlocker in his grandfather’s attic, and spends days pouring over the real-life account.

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A Boy Called Duct Tape

A Boy Called Duct Tape. Winner of 2013 e-Lit Awards winner in the Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction category. 2012 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the category of Juvenile Fiction.

Andy Sweet is a poor kid without much going for him. His middle-grade classmates have dubbed him “Duct Tape” because his tattered discount-store sneakers are held together with…you guessed it, duct tape. Twelve-year-old Andy can’t escape the bullying.

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